Advantages of full version from Amazon Appstore

  1. Suitable for users outside Egypt
  2. Suitable for users in Egypt, who want to buy the full version by credit card
  3. Compatible with android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and up

General Features of full versions


  1. Remove all ads
  2. Permanent access to injections doses
  3. Unlock search by indication
  4. Unlock favourite list

Topical Treatment Guide:

  1. Remove all ads
  2. Permanent access to other sections other than Skin

How to download full version from Amazon Appstore

  • Download Amazon Appstore on your android device from this link:
  • Install the appstore and follow instructions to sign in
  • Go to the same page and sign in, then enter your personal information and payment method
  • Enable 1-click settings from Amazon website settings, then go back to the appstore application
  • Search the app name “Egydose” or “Topical Treatment Guide” and download it on your phone
  • Keep Amazon Appstore installed on your phone and don’t remove it

Amazon Full Version is Not Available right now.

Better activate full version by Phone Cash or by PayPal.

Contact us for more information